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Web Design Partnerships – PPC Reseller – Resell Social Media Management

Web Design Partnerships – PPC Reseller – Resell Social Media Management

Resell PPC Management Services, web design, programming, social media management, web hosting and search engine e optimization. Over 8 years experience working with resellers like you. Hundreds of websites marketed and developed in the past 8 years. This is a full white label program. We can call and email your customers in your own company name. No project is too large or too complex. Create a lifetime of recurring income. We do not just pay you once. We create long lasting business relationships.

Transcription of this video:

Hello! How are you? This is Kim Murphy, President of Designz23 Marketing and Development, to discuss our many partnership opportunities in which you could offer, in your company name, an array of services.

In fact, we could email your customers from your own company email address and call from your phone lines.

It’s not just about website design, it’s also about the marketing, the internet Pay-Per-Click advertising ,in which you could sell Pay-Per-Click services with Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Facebook, which would create a great income opportunity for recurring income.

And we also do not just create cookie-cutter websites, but we do original, elegant, custom designs. All of your customers get unlimited design samples with unlimited changes until you approve the website.

In fact, we were the original builders of DHF five years ago. They are now among the major contenders in the industry of home hardware online.

We also do content marketing, we can do a press release, a blog, article, to submit to your client for review and use it to boost your company or your customers in the search engine rankings.

In fact, our nationwide client LeafLugger.com is now number four in our nation-wide campaign of all the many competitors in the country.

So we’d love to discuss the synergy, see what we can do together, work things out.

Do give us a call, or send us an email. Thank you for your time and have a great day. http://www.designz23.com 1-800-986-0262 email partners@designz23.com

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