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Sparksfly | Personal Social Media Management App

http://www.sparksfly.com. Sparksfly is an app that lets you search sort and curate your social feeds.

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Video Transcript:
Hello, My name is David Bankston, co-founder and CEO of Sparksfly

Sparksfly was born out of my personal frustration with trying to manage multiple social networks on a daily basis. I knew if I had this problem, Others must have it too. It was pretty easy to find out that 43% of americans daily use more than one social network. So the problem is real and shows now sign of getting better anytime soon.
Sparksfly is the result of our mission to solve this problem. It’s an easy to use personal social management app that helps you sort your posts by the things you love.
Now, ill give you a quick walk thru of the app.
The first thing you do after installing Sparksfly is to connect it to your social networks.
After thats done, you are presented with this screen where the app asks – “What’s your routine?” Routines are daily habits that people repeat. Sparksfly helps you sort you posts in one of 3 ways. By Content. By Keywords or By People.
Let’s walk thru these ways now.
Sorting by “Content” allows you to easily select from our predefined routines. For example select from business finance, education, fitness, productivity tools or even fantasy football. This routine library is one of the ways Sparksfly makes money. Businesses can create or sponsor these routines with very on point advertising.
Sorting by “Keyword” couldn’t be easier. All you do is type in a keyword you wish to use to sort by. For example, I’m typing in Apple. Now ill save the routine as Apple. This means that this routine will sort and collect any posts that contain the keyword ‘apple’.
The final way to sort posts is by “people”. To do this, swipe the people you want to group together. Then save the routine. Thats it. your done.
While your routines are building, Sparksfly has gone ahead and assembled your “default” routine. This is the master collection of all your unfiltered posts.
To navigate Sparksfly, click the Sparksfly navigation icon at the top. It expands the full menu of choices. The first circle on the left allows you to immediately share the current post to any one of more of the other social networks you have connected to Sparksfly. I’ve connected facebook, twitter and linked in. I only want to share to Facebook, so let me turn these linked in and twitter off. Now share.
Here is what the post looks like on facebook.
Back in Sparksfly, let’s select the next nav item to save to notebook. This allows you to basically bookmark or save the post for easy reference later. Just create and give the notebook a name. I’m calling this one science.
The third navigation icon allows for you to tell Sparksfly’s Artificial Intelligence engine that you don’t like the post your looking at. Over time the engine will show you less and less of this content.
As I said earlier, Sparksfly lets you sort your posts by the things you love. Here is my routines list. You can see I’ve got quite a few routines. I like Space/NASA, cars like BMW, Photography, and I have separate routines for my friends and family.
Let’s dig a little deeper into my Daily Tech News Routine. Every morning, I like to quickly scan social sites for the latest tech news announcements. This routine collects and sorts all of it for me. I’ll edit the routine to show you what’s inside.
This routine collects any posts from any of these sources. By sliding left to right, you can show more or less from a person or group.
Here is what the routine looks like. Only tech posts are shown as expected.
Their is one more routine that I want to show you. We call this “Your Sparks” routine. This routine is built 100% by the Sparksfly Spark engine. The sparks engine examines the who, what, when and where of your posts to determine which posts are most important to you. The Sparks happen over time as the app learns your preferences. Once Sparks are up an running, Sparksfly presents you this your sparks routine. Here are some of my sparks.
Lastly, I want to mention, that Sparksfly now supports Apple watch and Android wear devices. So your “sparks’ are automatically sent to your watch!
Thats it. Thanks for watching. Please visit sparksfly.com for more information or help with support.

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