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Social Media Management Company – LYFE Marketing

444 Highland testimonial for https://www.lyfemarketing.com/ , a Social Media Management Company.

LYFE Marketing is a social media management company that provides leading social media management services for hundreds of companies across the nation.

If you are looking for a company that can guarantee the success of your goals, then you will love this video. Our client, 444 Highland, details their early struggles with managing their social media presence in-house, why they chose to use LYFE Marketing and the accomplishments we have had managing their social media campaign.

Some of their social media results included the following:

1. Increased Leads and Sales: We used social media as a way to generate an enormous amount of leads for their business. By designing a more appealing page, engaging with their target audience and creating an improved lead funnel 444 Highland was able to increase their revenues over ,000 a month.

2. Increased Brand Awareness: Before using our company to manage their social media presence, 444 Highland’s Twitter account had a mere 124 followers. After using LYFE Marketing, 444 Highland’s Twitter account boasts a following of over 4,000 potential customers who now see their brand on a daily basis.

3. Increased Website Traffic: The continuous growth and optimization of 444 Highland’s social media pages allowed them to increase website traffic over 200% in the first two months. The website traffic they gained came from potential customers that were previously engaged with them on social media, making them more likely to purchase.

Our social media management company is known for helping businesses of all sizes use social media to establish their brand, generate more leads and get more customers. Hiring a company that truly cares about the success of your business is vital and we truly care.

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