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My Favorite Web Designs Offers Social Media Management Services

My Favorite Web Designs Offers Social Media Management Services

One of the services offered by My Favorite Website Designs is social media management. Social media is a key component of any search engine optimization strategy and yet, social media is not directly a piece of the search engine optimization itself.

Let me explain how this works. If you’re a website, Google determines how much it trusts you based on a number of different factors. One of the factors it uses in determining trust is your social signals. So, your social media activity signals to Google and other entities that you are a trustworthy, established organization that deems it valuable to establish communication with your clients.

And, of course, they reward that with better rankings. But another component to that trust, is the ability for other aspects of search engine optimization to be effective. And a good example of this is, a company without search engine optimization. If you’re a brand new website, and you’ve never done SEO for your company, and you’ve never done social media for your company, and your first activity was to send out a press release and to possibly do classifieds with links and possibly directories with links, but you had never established your social media presence, your trust level from Google would be low, and the odds and likelihood of being assigned the owner of a search engine manipulator become much higher.

The big problem with this is, search engine penalties can be a game changer, they can be a game killer. You may never recover from search engine penalties. It’s become such a large part of the game, that not doing social media, as part of your search engine optimization, is really not a long-term strategy. It can only be effective short-term.

So, if you currently are not doing anything with your social media, please contact My Favorite Web Designs; we can use it as piece of your SEO, and we’re able to use social media to get you clients directly.

A good example of how social media can help you directly access your clients is LinkedIn. Let’s say you’re a divorce lawyer and you’re on LinkedIn and you’re looking for connections who might be able to funnel clients to you. A great way to utilize this piece of social media, would be to locate all the divorce mediators, all the divorce therapists, couples therapists, family therapists, perhaps even talk to Social Service. And these people would be constant sources of lead referrals via social media, without even a search component to it.

So, while search engine optimization is definitely an aspect that we look at when we do social media, you can directly obtain clients, profits, and revenue from doing social media management only.

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