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Mass Planner – The Ultimate Social Media Management Tool

Mass Planner – The Ultimate Social Media Management Tool

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What Mass Planner Does

Have you ever got sick and tired of managing your social media accounts? Things like following people, then unfollowing the ones who don’t follow back or liking pictures/content. Maybe mass messaging? Well Mass Planner handles all of that for you. You just add your social profile, pick the job you want it to do each day and then it’ll do that job everyday without you doing anything.

You can use it on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

Some of the things it can do on each account:

Twitter: Followers/Unfollower people everyday. – Favorites tweets. – ReTweets. – Scheduled tweets. – Bulk uploads images and posts them throughout the day.

Pinterest: Auto RePin. – Likes Pins. – Comments On Pins (Spun Text). Followers people. Unfollow if they don’t follow back. – Watermark Pins. And so much more.

Facebook: Joins groups in your niche. – Finds groups to join. – Scheduled content. – Posts clickable images. – Auto group post. And loads more little features.

Google +: Finds and joins communities. – Scheduled content. – Auto follow. – Auto Unfollow. –

LinkedIn: Join groups. – Schedule posts. – Finds target groups.

Instagram: Auto follow. – Auto unfollow. – Auto like. – Auto Comment.

These are just some of the features of Mass Planner, head over here to see them all here: www.massplanner.com/features/

Pro’s Of Mass Planner

Handles everything, everyday on multiple social media accounts.
Builds engagements and followers up instantly.
Quickest way to build followers.
It handles unfollowers which saves so much time.
It’s reliable and well built.
There’s add-ons that make the bot even better.
It takes no time to set it up.
Saves me 3 hours plus everyday
Is like having 10 bots in one.
You get a 5 day free trail

Con’s Of Mass Planner
It’s a monthly fee instead of a one off payment.

This can actually be good for people who don’t have laying around though.

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