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Live Presentation on Reputation Management and Social Media Management

Live Presentation on Reputation Management and Social Media Management


Who is this for? Any business owner or marketing professional who is not sure about the current state of their company’s online reputation and thinks they might have incorrect business data and reviews they are not monitoring online.

“You don’t know what you don’t know and you can’t fix what you don’t know about.”

Bad reviews and incorrect business data online is causing businesses to lose unbelievable amounts of revenue every day.

Businesses face 2 major problems today.

1. They have incorrect data on listing websites causing people to have trouble finding them and causing search engines to rank competitors higher.

2. They have reviews that are not being monitored and in many cases bad ones costing them thousands in lost revenue.

During this workshop you will learn:

Why you are being left behind if you are ignoring the virtual doorway of your business.

What you should be doing right now to protect your online reputation

The top places people leave reviews online and why it is important to be monitoring them.

How to automatically monitor your reputation and get an email whenever someone leaves a review about you so you can respond.

The 3 things to do if you get a negative review online, how to respond so that customers will not be swayed by it.

The legal way to build your online reputation and how to avoid being fined thousands of dollars for doing it illegally.

What sources people use to do their research before doing business with you and how the buyer behavior has completely changed.

The top 4 listing distribution data suppliers and how important it is to have your information correct with them. (Not having this updated could actually be sending your customers to your competitors)

Why your social media activity (or non activity) is part of your reputation and what you can do today to improve it.

How to get a free snapshot of your online reputation so you know if there is incorrect data online or if there are bad reviews about your business.

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