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Internet Marketing News: 4-26-10 by: http://www.michaelrroberts.com/blog
For more information on any of the stories in this video visit: http://www.michaelrroberts.com/blog/seonews1

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Twitter Ad Module: http://blog.twitter.com/2010/04/hello-world.html

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FaceBooks BombShell
Info about it on my blog: http://www.michaelrroberts.com/blog/seonews1
To watch the F8 Conference recording: http://www.facebook.com/f8
(If your short on time try just watching 10-20 mins)

Matt Cutts Twitter Profile: http://twitter.com/mattcutts

Googles Revenue: http://investor.google.com/earnings/2010/Q1_google_earnings.html

Google Recipe Markup: http://www.michaelrroberts.com/blog/seonews1/

Google Tool Showing Government Requests: http://www.google.com/governmentrequests/

Google Places Press Release: http://sites.google.com/a/pressatgoogle.com/googleplaces/press-release
Google Places Sign Up: http://www.google.com/places

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