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Black Hat Daddy | Affiliate, Internet Marketing, SEO Podcast

Black Hat Daddy | Affiliate, Internet Marketing, SEO Podcast

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Hi. Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the internet. (Well…I say that, but the truth is, I have a few corners at this point).

I’m originally from Ohio, and lived there for 12 years. Grew up Catholic (I’m a recovering Catholic now) and played every sport known to man when I was a little kid. Became a Steelers fan back then. Steel Curtain and all that. Got in a lot of trouble in school too. (No surprise to those of you that know me). At 12, we moved to a little ‘burb outside Philadelphia where I was one of three gentiles in the entire town. I had an entire drawer of Yamikas. That was great…they were warm on my head and velour.

In between 10th and 11th grade my parents decided it would be a great idea to move down to a little redneck town in Florida called Spring Hill, which I hated for every second I was down there. (Well, except for you Renee…you rocked.) In fact, I think my bags were packed on stage as I accepted my high school diploma.

I bolted back to Philly and had stops in Newark DE, Long Beach Island NJ, and Palm Beach FL, where I graduated from music school. I then finished up undergrad at Temple University in Philly and studied communication, and this new thing called the “Internet”. (It was 1994).

I became a web designer, and worked that field for 15 years. I still do design and development, but only if you hold a gun to my head. In 1997 I moved to Boulder Colorado, and have lived there and in Denver for almost 13 years, until 2012 when I moved to San Diego. After a few brief stints working for other people, I found myself to be truly unemployable around 2005, and have been on the entrepreneurial track ever since.

From 2004-2008, my parents would fall ill, and basically “level” me in all aspects of my life. Emotionally, financially, etc…They both passed away in 2007, just 7 months apart.

I tried to “muddle” through 2008, and didn’t have much success. But I decided to take actual time to mourn, so in 2009, thanks to my wonderful friend Melanie, I went to Europe to spread their ashes everywhere I could. You see, I had a “dream” as an adult to surprise my parents with a trip to Europe, so this was my best substitution. So, I got a little Italian Parmesan Cheese shaker, and I ventured off into the wild blue yonder. And they are *everywhere*. In the Sistene Chapel, the Beaches of Normandy, Notre Dame…you name it, they’re there.

I arrived back in the States, healed, broke, and happier than I’d been in years. But I knew that I no longer wanted to trade a dollar for an hour, so I went looking for something else. That’s when network marketing and internet marketing found me. It’s been 4 years since I found that world, and the transformation it’s made in my life has been nothing but profound. I’ve met amazing people in the network marketing, internet marketing, life coaching, and entrepreneurship world. Every single day I learn from them and they impact me.

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